You won’t find cheaper long wheelbase van hire elsewhere

Long wheelbase van hire

Arrange your long wheelbase van hire for those larger jobs that require additional van space. Our long wheelbase option offers more space than a short wheelbase van, allowing you to move larger items or higher quantities of items at once. Well suited to these more demanding jobs, we can provide you with a long wheelbase van that you can rely on. We carry out comprehensive checks to ensure our vans won’t let you down. We also make it easy to get booked in and are committed to providing the best price in town. Give us a call on 0203 576 1060 to get a quote.

Long wheelbase van dimensions

  • Load Deck Height: 592mm
  • Load Height: 1886mm
  • Load Length: 3494mm
  • Load Space Width Between Wheel Arches: 1392mm
  • Load Width: 1784mm
  • Lower Rear Door Width: 1565mm
  • Rear Door Height: 1748mm
  • Side Load Door Height: 1700mm
  • Side Load Door Width: 1300mm
  • Load Space Volume: 10.8mm³
  • No. of Seats: 3

What are long wheelbase vans suitable for?

The additional space that a long wheelbase van provides makes it the ideal option for larger jobs that small vans and short wheelbase vehicles can’t manage. Whilst SWB vans can handle a few large items of furniture or appliances, the increased height and width of a long wheelbase van will allow you to easily fit chairs, tables, or heavier appliances such as washing machines. They have the capacity to carry heavier equipment, and you can purchase accessories to protect these items in transit.


Our LWB van hire process


You can enquire about LWB van hire by giving us a call, emailing, or booking online. Our team will provide a quick response within two hours to inform you of availability.


After confirming your booking, your van will be thoroughly checked over by our on-site mechanics. This ensures it is in top working condition so you won’t encounter any problems while on the road.


Once on the road, you can make the most of your van by taking advantage of our 150-mile per day usage limit. Then, when you no longer need it, 24-hour drop off makes it easy to return your van.

Large moving van hire

Require a large van for moving house? A long wheelbase van can be ideal for this process. Along with Luton vans, LWB vans are amongst the largest vehicles in our fleet. They offer plenty of space for you to transport multiple items of furniture or other important items from one property to another. Large vans can make moving house simple and hassle-free, allowing you to save time by transporting your possessions on fewer trips. Depending on the quantity and weight of items you need to transport, large wheelbase van hire may be your best option for moving house.

Why hire a long wheelbase van from us?

We make long wheelbase van hire simple so that you can get hold of the van you need with ease. Find out what you can expect:


As soon as you require any type of van, you can expect to hear back from us in no time. Once we have received your enquiry, we will respond within two hours to confirm availability and provide your quote.

Great value

You won’t find a better price for long wheelbase van hire elsewhere. We are committed to beating any like-for-like quote you have received. Our customers can expect the best value from us.


You can rely on us to provide you with a van that won’t let you down. We complete regular servicing and checks to ensure you receive a quality hire. You can also rest assured you won’t encounter any hidden fees.


It couldn’t be easier to hire a van from us. We are committed to accommodating your needs. Once you no longer need your vehicle, simply drop it back to us when it suits you.

Book your van hire

Get in contact to book your van hire today. Give us a call on 0203 576 1060 or email to hire the long wheelbase van you need.