Preparing for your house move [a guide]

The process of moving house can sometimes be stressful, with a large number of items to organise including furniture, appliances, and items with sentimental value. Planning in advance and taking the right steps can help to ensure your move goes smoothly and you can settle into your new home quickly. You will want to organise items effectively, grouping similar items together and making a note of where you have stored everything. It’s also essential to choose the right van size, so that you won’t have to make too many trips back and forth. Find out how you can make your house move more straightforward.

Prepare effectively

Before getting started with packing up, you will want to make sure you have properly prepared for this process. It is important to have all the equipment you need to move, such as accessories that can help you organise and safely transport furniture and other items. Packing boxes will help you to group different items together, whilst ratchet straps and moving blankets make sure that you can carefully transport them in one piece, and no valuable items are damaged.


Organise items

Another step to take before packing is to organise items. Heavy furniture and appliances should be kept together, as these will be the most difficult items to transport and will require the most space. Keeping items such as kitchen utensils together will make it easier when it comes to unpacking, as similar items can be dealt with at the same time and you will not struggle to find what you are looking for.


When it comes to packing your belongings into boxes, you should carefully label them so that it will be easier for you to unload once you arrive at your new home. You can mark each box depending on what room it is for, or whether or not the items are fragile so that more care is taken when they are being moved. Keeping fragile items together and surrounding them with packing blankets and bubble wrap will help ensure they are kept in one piece and none of your possessions are damaged in transit.

Hire a van

Whilst your possessions may be organised, you will need to make sure you have the right sized van to transport them. Many home movers opt for a Luton van, as this is the largest van available to rent with a standard driving licence and provides the most space for transporting larger items such as furniture. However, due to its size, less confident drivers may opt for a long wheelbase or short wheelbase van due to their manoeuvrability, particularly if living in a city with a lot of traffic. For people who are only moving a small number of items and don’t require much space, small vans can be a suitable choice.

Book your van hire

At Edmonton Van Hire, we can help make your house move straightforward by providing you with the van you need. We have four different sized vans available, and our team are easy to reach to help you arrange van rental as soon as possible. To speak to us and get booked in, give us a call on 0203 576 1060 or email