Can you hire a van with points on your licence?

When hiring a van, your licence will always be checked by your hire company to make sure that you are a safe driver and have not amassed too many penalty points. You are more likely to be accepted for van hire if they can see that you have a clean driving record. This is because the rental van is less likely to be at risk. You will find that many van rental companies will not accept you if you are above a certain number of points, although this is usually at their discretion. Find out how points on your licence can affect your ability to hire a van and if you are eligible.

Driving licence penalty points

Different driving offences can result in points on your licence, with the number of points you receive dependent on the severity of the offence. For example, penalties for dangerous driving can range from three to eleven points. The same penalties apply to driving whilst above the legal limit for alcohol consumption. Using a vehicle while uninsured can result in a penalty of six to eight points. All these offences will make you less likely to be accepted for van hire, and this decision will be down to the rental company.

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Renting a van with points on your licence

Whether or not you are accepted for van hire will depend on not only the number of points on your licence, but how serious the offences are that caused you to accumulate these points. Find out what each number of points could mean for your chances of hiring a van:

  • Three points

    If you have three points on your licence, this can have some impact on your ability to hire a van. A van hire company can assess the offence and how recent it was before making a decision. Most van hire companies will not prevent you from hiring a van with three penalty points, although it is worth clarifying this first.

  • Six points or more

    Any licence that has six points or more registered to it is unlikely to be accepted by many van hire companies. Many operate a policy of no more than six points to be accepted for van hire. You should always make your van hire company aware of the points on your licence when making an enquiry.

If you are unsure or have forgotten how many points you have accumulated on your licence, you can always check your driving licence information via the website. If you are currently serving a driving ban or you have been disqualified from driving entirely, you will be unable to legally hire a van. This is because your licence is not valid.

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At Edmonton Van Hire, we make it easy for you to hire a van when you need one. We offer van hire to drivers with a maximum of six points on their licence, so you shouldn’t have any problems arranging hire with us as long as you meet these requirements. If you wish to discuss your circumstances with us, or want to book van hire with us, get in contact today. Call us now on 0203 576 1060 or email