The London ULEZ zone – what you need to know

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) was introduced in London in 2019 and, from August 2023, this zone will cover all London boroughs. This zone has been introduced to reduce air pollution in London and will penalise those who are driving an older vehicle that does not currently meet low emissions standards. These measures have been introduced by the mayor of London to tackle the impact of climate change, and it is important to be aware of the ULEZ and its implications if you are driving within London. In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know regarding the ULEZ zone.

Where is the ULEZ zone?

Whilst the ULEZ zone was first introduced to a small area in central London in April 2019, it was expanded in 2021 to cover the North Circular and South Circular roads. This final expansion to be introduced in August 2023 will cover every London Borough. As a result, no matter where in London you are driving, you will be subject to this daily charge if your vehicle fails to meet emissions standards.


What vehicles do not meet ULEZ standards?

As a general rule, any diesel vehicle that was registered after 1st September 2015 should be exempt from the ULEZ charge, and any petrol vehicle registered after 2005 should also be exempt. All electric vehicles are exempt from this charge. If you are looking to hire a van and are planning to drive in London, it is worth checking that it meets these standards so that you are exempt from paying this charge. Vehicles that do not meet ULEZ standards are:

  • Diesel cars and vans that do not meet Euro 6 standards (registered before 2015)
  • Petrol cars and vans that do not meet Euro 4 standards (registered before 2006)
  • Buses, coaches and lorries must meet Euro 6 standards

You can quickly check whether a vehicle will be liable to pay ULEZ charges by using the TFL vehicle checker.

What are the ULEZ charges?

If your vehicle does not meet ULEZ emission standards, you will need to pay a daily charge of £12.50 to travel within the zone. Driving within the zone means you will need to pay this charge by midnight on the third day after your journey. Failure to pay on time will result in a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). Any buses, coaches, or lorries travelling within the zone that fail to meet Euro 6 standards must pay a £100 daily charge to travel within the zone.

ULEZ implications for van hire

When hiring a van in London, it is worth checking to make sure your vehicle is ULEZ compliant so that you can avoid this daily charge. If not, you will need to remember to pay this daily charge as you are liable for any charges incurred by your hire company.

Book your van hire

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